The Sword in the Stone

Show Notes: The Sword in the Stone

Hold onto your hats kids, there’s a lot this week! Remember, if you want to watch The Sword in the Stone yourself, it is available on Disney+ and you can rent or buy it on YouTube.

Opening Credits – the Book!!

Bill Peet – check out his Wikipedia page, this guy was involved in a TON of classic Disney movies

T.H. White, The Sword in the Stone

Mary Stewart, Merlin Trilogy

The Mists of Avalon

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court – the full movie is on YouTube!!

Laura’s Pick for a Podcast: Every Little Thing

The Sugarbowl

The solution to ‘BVD’ on Merlin’s underpants?? It’s also a brand of men’s underwear

The Fabulous B****, King Pellinore

The Questing Beast

Ginny Tyler, the voice of the girl squirrel.

Barbara Jo Allen, the scullery maid and creator of the radio character Vera Vague.

Martha Wentworth, lady squirrel and Madame Mim.

Merlin’s Bermuda Outfit and The End of the Movie

Available on Disney+ and YouTube

White Christmas

Welcome to our first full episode, where we chat about White Christmas and venture into other fun family dynamics like what happens when one sister doesn’t want to wear matching dresses…

Here’s the episode:

And here are some of the things we talked about in the show!

The girl in the Green Dress. She’s worth tracking throughout this movie.

One example of Edith Head’s brilliant costuming… and a darn good song.

Salute to the General overseas, beginning of the movie:

Salute to the General, end of the movie:

So, this has become our signature song. For reasons. I’m sure you can’t guess what they are.

Also, you have to watch the reprise…

White Christmas – the final scene.

NEXT EPISODE: The Sword in the Stone, available on Disney+